ValveTek Utility Services Inc. is the only Authorized Nationwide Service Contractor for NO-DES Advanced Water Main Flushing Technologies. Since 2000, we’ve been servicing America’s water utility industry with innovative, dependable, and professional contracted services for water conservation and water quality needs. We operate within all areas of municipal and private water company distribution systems, providing services such as; hydrant and valve work, asset mapping and engineering programs, leak detection and GPS mapping, and a special patented drinking water infrastructure pipeline rehabilitation program called NO-DES.

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Our headquarters is located in New Jersey and we’re currently servicing all in need of compliance of New Jersey’s Water Quality Accountability Act (NJ WQAA) with special offers. Our hydrant and valve programs are managed across the state for big clients such as New Jersey American Water, SUEZ, and Middlesex Water to name a few.

Neutral Output – Discharge Elimination System

NO-DES technology was invented with water main cleaning in mind. It’s both an emergency and routine contract operation. It uses proven technology to offer something that water utilities have never had before – water main flushing with NO water discharge. NO-DES technology virtually retires conventional flushing practices and in turn allows for year-round flushing maintenance, conservation of energy and treated water, superior diagnostic and monitoring capabilities for water quality and system integrity, and unparalleled increased water quality from pipeline to tap keeping you and your customers happy.

ValveTek’s flushing method with NO-DES can provide an operational net-zero waste for system maintenance programs. Water is a natural resource that needs to be conserved on a global level. It’s becoming more and more scarce and expensive each and every day, and old conventional methods of water main flushing just don’t make sense. Traditional hydrant flushing expels mass amounts of water to the ground and is considered my some to be generally unregulated! Large utilities can easily flush many-millions of gallons of water each year in an attempt to improve their public’s drinking water quality. That’s represented as Non-Revenue Water Loss and technically a loss of money/product for the company in addition to it being unfavorable to the environment. Stop dropping water to the ground and start dropping your old hydrant flushing practices for NO-DES Flushing with ValveTek Utility Services, Inc.

Our NO-DES Chief Operators are specially certified and some of few in the country who can operate the NO-DES machinery. They’re highly skilled and experienced individuals and will work closely with any sized utility to get accomplish necessary project goals and outcomes.

ValveTek NO-DES operations consists of daily and routine water main flushing programs, multi-year flushing maintenance programs, and emergency visitations with 24 hour notification.

Other services that NO-DES technology offers customers:

GAC Backwashing (Granulated Activated Carbon)
Bacteria testing (BAC-T) on newly installed or failing mains
Reservoir and tank cleaning
Sensitive area flushing/dead-end flushing programs
Environmentally friendly filtered water discharge
System diagnostic checking
Quarantine a contamination or infiltration of a harmful organism

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Many water utility companies have their hands tied when it comes to balancing water quality and water conservation efforts. Potable water requires a high standard of quality for human consumption, and pumping chemicals into the equation is not the solution. The answer, simply, can be found within two easy ideas; velocity and filtration. Velocity, to efficiently move and scour away any contaminant that may reside in the pipe. Paired with filtration, effectively extracting all bio-film, iron manganese, sand/sediment, or debris down to Absolute 1.0 Micron in size.

With persitant droughts hitting record highs across the country many utilities have either adjusted their flushing programs to a reactive state rather than proactive or have halted their flushing programs all together. This forced change of infrastructure maintenance capabilities can diminish the integrity of your infrastructure overall and result in decreased water quality, an increase in infrastructure repairs, and a nightmare in the public relations realm!

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For the to process begin, ValveTek first maps and targets a section of main with two hydrants. We then tie the NO-DES Unit into the water distribution system via the hydrants to a hose connection to create an ‘above-ground water loop’ between the system and the NO-DES Unit. Then, we pressurize with the system and become similar to a bypass line but with filtration capabilities. We can now simply administer an AWWA standard flow rate of 5 Ft Per Second (5FPS) by use of an on-board variable speed water pump to reach our specific targeted velocity to scour all particulates and biofilm away from the inside of the targeted pipe. Once the particulates and debris are whisked out of the pipe and into our NO-DES unit they then enter the filtration chambers. Our filtration vessels remove debris down to 1.0 Absolute Micron and utilizes a duel-chamber system and by-pass valve so that filter changes can commence while continuously flushing and cleaning the targeted system.

Inline turbidity meters analyze and inspect the water quality during flushes to ensure water is below 1.0 NTU before the flushing sequence is concluded. Sampling ports let operators test chlorine levels multiple times during flushing. The equipment allows technicians to inject chlorine on an ‘as-needed’ basis to get residuals back up to necessary levels. Additionally, the NO-DES system’s cleaning method flows the water reverse to the natural orientation of the distribution system. This cleans the interior of the pipeline in a manner in which it never has been cleaned before and effectively removes biofilm better. All results are recorded into a daily report and submitted to project officials.

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