Special Services: NO-DES Technology

Hydrant flushing with no water discharge! ValveTek Utility Services, Inc. is the ONLY contractor in the country who provides a patented alternative method to conventional hydrant flushing practices that effectively discharges no water to waste during operation and improves water quality through Absolute Micron filtration and is widely considered to be one of the easiest, most cost effective, and public friendly ways of flushing water mains available to the industry. ValveTek performs NO-DES water flushing services for municipal utilities, military bases, and industrial users across the country. Emergency Service Operations are available.

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ValveTek is proud to be a member of the American Water Works Association (AWWA) and to be a dedicated leader in Maintaining America's Infrastructure™ since 2000. ValveTek covers an array of Asset Management Services for water utility companies across the country and has been a consistent and reliable source for the water industry to come to for contracting work. Contact us today.

Nationwide Water Utility Contractor

ValveTek has been servicing the water utility industry for almost 18 years now and is a recognizable leader in multi-year assessment and maintenance programs for water distribution systems across the country. Our contract operations provide water utility companies with reliable work and accurate data for every asset we touch.

We’re a full asset maintenance company and our services range from hydrant and valve operations to GPS/GIS map building, meter pit installs and repairs, water main flushing and hydrant work, and through to an array of administrative and reporting applications.

In addition to that, ValveTek offers Nationwide Service Contract Operations for NO-DES Water Main Flushing Technology. NO-DES is an advanced water main flushing practice that utilizes a mobile filtration system to flush and filter water mains clean without discharging any water to waste during operations. NO-DES Flushing Services is a daily operation worked by specially trained and certified ValveTek employees. Our crews have serviced the entire country and are experienced technicians in the water utility industry.

View the NO-DES virtual demonstration video here.

Hydrant and valve operations are what ValveTek was built on. In our home-state of New Jersey, the NJDEP has committed itself to the successful implementation of the Water Quality Accountability Act that mandates New Jersey water utilities to perform and report maintenance of hydrants and valves to improve the reliability,  resiliency, and sustainability of NJ’s water utilities and ultimately improve the protection of public health and environment.

NJ Operations Department: 908-412-7151
Department Hours: M-Fr 6:00 AM – 4:00 PM

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