Service Contractor for NO-DES Advanced Water Main Flushing Technologies

  • Distribution System Water Main Flushing with No Discharge

    ValveTek provides an alternative to conventional hydrant flushing that will prepare your water utility for the future of water system maintenance management. As one of the only Authorized Service Contractors for NO-DES Technology in the country ValveTek can perform specialized water flushing services for municipal utilities, military bases, and industrial applications.

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    Our company is proud to be a member of the American Water Works Association (AWWA) and to be a dedicated leader in Maintaining America's Infrastructure™ since 1949. ValveTek covers an array of Asset Management Services for water utility companies across the country and has been a consistent and reliable source for the water industry to come to for contracting work.

ValveTek has been servicing the water utility industry for over 50 years and is a leader in multi-year assessment and rehabilitation programs for water distribution systems across the country. Our solutions will provide your utility system with exactly what it needs! Whether the water company needs a condition assessments, mapping, valve work, hydrant inspection, water main or any specialized approach, ValveTek Utility Services can provide the solution.

Efficiency is key to running a high quality, profitable, water system. Water utilities have been required, for decades, to flush water in order to maintain a safe water quality. Conventional, Unidirectional, and Dead-End flushing practices are quite literally flushing money down the drain and up until now there hasn’t been an alternative method. ValveTek provides a solution to wasteful hydrant flushing practices by leading the industry with NO-DES technology.

Utilizing NO-DES flushing technology improves water quality without wasting millions of gallons of potable water. Water utilities must flush their drinking water distribution pipes on a regular basis to keep water quality levels up to standards. Using NO-DES, flushing your water pipes and improving your water quality becomes a zero liquid discharge operation.

The NO-DES process uses a mounted pumping, filtering, and rechlorinating system that circulates the water within the water distribution system. A pump on the unit circulates water at prescribed velocities, passing it through a series of Absolute 1.0 Micron filters that remove sediment, biofilm and particulate matter. Disinfectant can be added to further improve water quality and ensure its safety. Two electronic inline turbidity meters monitor when levels reach below 1 NTU.

Implementing this process within your distribution systems maintenance program will improve the quality of water at the tap for your customers, increase the integrity of your distribution assets, and will conserve water on a municipal level which will reduce your non-revenue water loss as well as save money on the reduction of repair and replace costs for main line breaks in your pipes.

Contact us today for a service quote for projects of any size. We’ll work together with you in finding long term solutions to all of your water distribution conversations and quality needs.