Hydrant And Valves

Hydrant & Valve Service and Maintenance 

Water system maintenance presents a significant data management load for utility services and municipalities. The cost of maintaining the information is exceeded only by the costs of real asset repair that can be the result of a poor maintenance protocol.

Water valves need to be exercised and maintained for safety and operability. ValveTek’s technicians will located, inspect, clean out, and turn City water valves with either a hand-held key turner or a machine-operated Valve Turning Unit and complete a full field inspection report for your records.

Fully operational fire hydrants are critical to municipal fire protection readiness. The cost of replacing a neglected hydrant could be more than 15 times the cost of simply maintaining and servicing that same hydrant on a well-designed schedule. ValveTek offers comprehensive hydrant flushing, cleaning, painting, repair and replacement programs for all public and private hydrant systems. All technicians are experienced and highly trained to perform complete inspections of fire hydrants for optimal water delivery and full hydrant operation and readiness. Hydrant bonnets are oiled, operating stems are exercised, cap threads are greased and missing chains are replaced. All functionality is verified and repairs to fire hydrant components are made as needed. ValveTek teams paint and maintain fire hydrant color standards established by water utility services and the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) guidelines.

Common Water Valve Operational Issues…

  • Not accessible
  • Rounded nut
  • Packing leak
  • Frozen/Stuck
  • Wrong location
  • Missing or damaged parts
  • Paved over
  • Left closed
  • Rusted

Common Hydrant Operational Issues…

  • Missing caps
  • Broken stem
  • Leaking hydrant
  • Rusted exterior/Poor condition
  • Unable to drain
  • Not tagged/labled